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How bidding works in Yahoo Japan Auctions?

If there is no other bid, you win the auction for 5000 yen (and not 10000 yen) If another bidder places 5,000yen. So, the system automatically bids on your behalf 5,250yen. If there are still other bids, the system will continue to update your bid amount up to your maximum (10,000yen). Your maximum amount is kept confidential from other bidders and the seller.The system compares your bid to those of the other bidders. And you could pay significantly less than your maximum price! This means you don't have to keep coming back to re-bid every time another bid is placed. If the item ends for less than your maximum, that's all you'll have to pay. If another bidder places 10,250yen, you will be outbid. However, you can still increase your bid amount until the end of the auction.

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