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I am a new bidder and just won an auction. What do I do now? Article not rated yet
Congratulations! Now, you can track your auction status in the member area. You don't have to deposit money right away. You can wait until your items are ready to be shipped and then pay the full amo...
Can I retract or cancel a bid? Article not rated yet
Once you place a bid, you won't be able to cancel or retract it unless you are outbid.  If you made a mistake, we can try to help by contacting the seller and requesting that your bid be canceled...
Can I change my maximum bid amount? Article not rated yet
Once a bid is placed, you will not be able to decrease your maximum bid amount. To increase it,  you can use the "Place bid" button on the top of the auction page.   
Is a deposit required to bid? Article not rated yet
Prior to bidding, you should deposit your maximum bid amount into your account.
How does the "maximum bid" work? Article not rated yet
When you enter a bid significantly higher than the current highest bid, the system will automatically bid for you in increments up to your maximum bid. This allows you not to have to be online when th...
How do Yahoo! Japan Auctions’ "Buy It Now" auctions work? Article not rated yet
With Yahoo! Japan Auctions, a seller can choose to set a “Buy It Now” price for an item. This means that if someone pays that price, the auction is closed immediately and the bidder wins t...
Can I place a "last-minute" bid (snipe)? Article not rated yet
Technically, you can place a last-minute bid to “snipe” an auction. But Yahoo! Japan Auctions gives sellers the option to extend an auction for 5 minutes if a new bid has been placed in th...
Can you ask the seller a question for me? Article not rated yet
Sure. Please feel free to send us your questions "before" placing a bid. We will try to help you with clarifying the auction details but we are not able to handle technical questions nor negotiations ...